5 Reasons to Work with a Realtor and Skip FSBO

Sellers sometimes choose to take real estate matters into their own hands when they choose to take the For Sale By Owner or FSBO route. Unfortunately, most are unaware of the special challenges and costly errors they may face in attempt to DIY the sale of their own home or property. Below, are a few main points to consider when it comes to deciding which path to take and why we suggest sellers call upon the assistance and expertise of a real estate agent to help navigate these important (and sometimes surprisingly complicated) transactions.

  1. Sold Data – Montana is a “non-disclosure state” which means only a licensed real estate agent has access to what a home actually sold for. In many cases, the listing price and the sold price differ. In “hot” markets it is common to see offers accepted ABOVE asking price and in the regular market you often have offers come in below asking. It’s just part of the negotiating process. Having access to this data allows licensed real estate agents to accurately estimate the value of your home and list it according to the current real estate market. This process is called a CMA (comparative market analysis) and is complementary when you hire one of our agents.
  2. Legal ContractsAll licensed real estate agents in the state of Montana enjoy access to expertly crafted legal documents for their real estate transactions. These documents are constantly updated and reviewed by elite legal consultation in order to protect you and themselves against common issues that arise along the way.
  3. Marketing – One main resource that FSBO’s miss out on is marketing their homes. Uncommon Ground utilizes cutting edge technology in order to market your home in ways that will stand out. This may include professional photography, 3D tours, drone video, print marketing, and more. The best part: the agent picks up the bill. That’s right, it’s common for the real estate agent to pay for marketing the home which can cost hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars per listing. Learn more about our marketing here.
  4. Expertise – Negotiation is a huge part of the real estate process. Our real estate agent do this full-time and have years of experience negotiating the buying and selling of homes. Can you image trying to represent yourself in a court of law or perform a surgery? Nope. It’s the same with real estate. Leaving the real estate work to the real estate professionals is always a good idea.
  5. Some Realtors Won’t Show – Real estate agents get commission from the seller, so if the seller is not working with an agent then commission is not always guaranteed. Because of this, some buyers agents will not show FSBO’s to their clients which could limit the number of buyers who are able to see and buy your home.

We are all for learning, growth and independence! We’re known for our bold and mighty attitudes here at Uncommon Ground and are never afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty when it comes to taking on new things and exploring through new adventures. But, when it comes to selling homes, we believe experience and expertise count and we don’t want sellers going this alone and taking costly risks when we can help. Painting furniture or taking up knitting? DIY it up! Selling your home? Skip the DIY on this one and give us a call.